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At Vandy Marketing Agency, we create custom marketing plans to help business achieve their goals through Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. For each of our customers we offer everything from planning to execution and in-depth reporting for optimal results.

Social Media

Increase followers, interaction, brand awareness & sales.

Facebook Ads

Target specific groups of people to increase  website traffic, leads & sales.


Increase your website rankings on Google  to improve  website traffic.


Keep your already interested fans up-to-date on the latest sales and inventory.

Print Advertising

Brochure and flyer designs  that are designed to sell!


People who drive by your sign every day on their way to work will think of you when it's their time to buy!


Programmatic allows you to show your ads in all sorts of places! Not to mention, we can target your competitions customers!

Print Advertising & Direct Mail

Brochure and flyer designs that are designed to sell!

Google Adwords

Help your customers easily find you at the top of Google.

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Vandy Marketing Agency is a full service marketing agency dedicated to delivering results. We give businesses the luxury to focus on what they do best, while we take the reins on what we do best -- marketing!

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